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Before the Internet was major, there were traditional forms of marketing: putting out ads on printed magazines and newspapers, calling people's phones to push for telemarketing, and printing out flyers and posters.

Not to say that none of these are effective anymore, but Internet marketing has been proven to also help businesses by promoting their brands and sets traditional marketing apart from its future and present qualities. This process is also called "inbound marketing", which you no longer have to directly reach out to market these brands. Inbound marketing can be done via content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media marketing.

What Is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing is the ongoing promotion of a business's product or services through the Internet using programs or tools to achieve the goals of driving traffic, gathering leads, or making sales.

Some examples of Internet marketing include:
  • Searching keywords on search engines and finding websites through its results connected to those keywords (this is SEO)
  • Creating paid ads on social media or on search engines such as Google
  • Collecting emails through subscriptions or to get a preview of a product or service
  • Creating social media posts to announce a product or service or to create appeal to a brand
  • Putting up a call-to-action on a landing page to engage leads
  • Writing a blog post while optimizing SEO techniques (this should be on an ongoing basis)

As you can see, there are several ways that Internet marketing works. It should be focused on finding the right strategies to work on and what you believe your brand can offer to grab potential customers in.

Why Is Internet Marketing Important?
Ads are not the preferred way for a lot of people anymore. They can be "in your face", meanwhile consumers would rather learn about a product or service in the power of their terms. 

That would most likely be in the form of searching for something or feeling a connection through a brand by finding useful content. Internet marketing is an organic and effective way for consumers and it gives brands authority over their market.

Once a business pulls that loyalty in, these consumers could become followers. Having followers is an easier way to drive leads and sales. In fact, in this year of 2019, Internet marketing could be an industry that has a worth of a billion dollars.

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Hey there! If you've stumbled upon my blog page and find that there's hardly anything here, which I admittedly do not really update this page with the number of other places I write for, you can find more tips on careers and things alike to that to a website I contribute to as a writer.

You can find some of my articles on ItsHerPurpose.comItsHerPurpose is an online publication/community website for women to find or walk in their purpose by providing a multitude of outlets. I like to usually write articles under the section of life and careers and hopefully inspire women, those in college and those who are not or no longer, to find their purpose by providing insightful and valuable information.

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As a former student, I know how important internships are to majority of students. It’s not only going to help you learn more about the industry of your field but that one experience of an internship can help boost you up to a future job. Getting internships, to be honest, can be quite a challenge and in fact, one summer during college, I have gone through 5(!!!) internship interviews for two months of the summer. Most of these internships were paid positions except for one and for some, I haven’t heard back from.
Anyways, if you’re looking for an internship and want to begin your search, first consider if you want an unpaid one or a paid internship. You might end up limiting your choices or being open to both options. Below are pros and cons of what an unpaid or a paid internship has:

Unpaid internships
Internships are getting more competitive and while the job market can be to blame, the reason can also be the process of eliminating intern candidates is a crucial step for companies. We know that paid internships are looked into more than unpaid internships but did you know that having an internship and being treated like an employee of the job is a great experience for some? It also helps you get experience and acquire the skills you need out of a position you hope to attain for a job and that can be valuable enough to some. Non-profit organizations have more unpaid internships and sometimes they can be a for-profit organization too. Those for-profit organizations may be accepting unpaid interns but that for-profit organization can be a huge brand or company that others would love to just have the opportunity to work for. This would be a smart choice if you have a way of source where you can get your income support from rather than relying on the internship to support you financially.

Paid internships
If you have already experienced an unpaid internship and believe that the stepping stone to your career now is paid, then consider this. Paid internships are ideal for people (like me) who want to kill two birds with one stone: get paid and get valuable experience and growth out of it. It’s also a good idea for those who are financially struggling and want to make an income out of their temporary job. You might also think for the hard work you do, you might believe you need to be compensated for it and believe that a paid internship will benefit you.

Now here are a few questions you can ask yourself to make a decision:
  • What am I looking to get out from an internship?
  • With my already proven skills and work, do I need to move on to a position that will pay me for my work?
  • Do I need financial support?
  • Will this internship give me a future I can possibly get into?

Or you can just opt for college credit if required and either one may help you on it. Either way, interning for whichever it is can both give you the opportunity to possibly make it a job, not that there are any guarantees but remember to always stay optimistic and hopeful! I hope this helps you on your decisions.

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