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Marketing Work

As a Digital Marketer, I help businesses.

My Photography

As a Professional & Hobbyist Photographer, I capture what’s beautiful.

About Gabrielle Sales

Why do I enjoy doing what I do?

​I knew I wanted to get into this type of work since I was very young. I was always fascinated with all things digital and coming up with things whether it’s the way something is designed, the way something sounds, or the way something works. I love brainstorming and making sure things go smoothly to help businesses be on the right path to growth. I thrive on creativity and solutions to help companies or other people’s ideas be in tune with mine.

About Gabrielle Sales

An adventure storyteller + writer

Aside from being a marketing specialist, I’ve begun to be very passionate about the outdoors and the surrounding wonders that make our Earth a unique and magical place, especially recognizing this path since moving out west. I’m an outdoors lover and a frequent hiker and often make content and guides for exploring mountain trails, national parks, and other hidden gem places. I write weekly for my own adventure travel blog and I contribute when I can in freelance writing about the topic. I completed the 52 Hike Challenge in 2020 and became an ambassador for Hike Like A Woman for 2019-2020. My photos and being a social media content creator have been featured on National Park Geek, Outside Magazine, 52 Hike Challenge, and more. I’ve worked with lots of amazing brands along the way too.

My creativity emerges from my own stories.

I wear all different hats.

Some of the things I do

Paid Social Media

I brainstorm strategies, research audiences, manage budgets, optimize campaigns, implement campaigns, and create reports. (With useful insights!)

Content Marketing

I write, research keywords, optimize blog posts, create emails, write lead magnets, and write copy for social media posts.

Content Creation

Data-driven content designed for social media posts, paid social ads, blog images, videos, and website content that incorporate storytelling

“She does not shy away from any challenges. Gabby does an excellent job and played a major role in creating and maintaining our new website. She has been an extremely valuable asset to our organization. Gabby is very personable, flexible, and dedicated.”

– Asaiki

Manager and founder of BGCM (previous employer)

Some nice words. Or testimonies.

What others have said…

“She is so caring, so cool and calm, she thinks of seven steps ahead before you even think of two steps. She is very hardcore and gets whatever she sets her mind to, she is a brainstormer, outgoing, and most of all, she’s very easy to get along with.” ―Oyebola, former classmate

“She is a fabulous team player, cooperating well with everyone associated to our project. It was always easy to approach her.” ―Pooja, co-worker at BGCM

“Gabrielle is extremely professional and efficiently all while being fun and quirky! She’s a great blogger and knows how to target the right audience. Her content is always very fun and relevant! She’s great to collaborate with and very flexible in innovative ideas. Gabrielle is super deadline-oriented while releasing quality content.” ―Jewel, feature in a collaboration

“This marketing guru has plenty of experience in PR, marketing, and content creation. Gabrielle has too much to share to aspiring bloggers and creators as well as new coming marketers.” ―Its Her Purpose

“The article came out great, thanks for interviewing me!” ―Chris, an interviewee I featured in an article

Are you looking for marketing that works?

“Innovation is saying no to a thousand things. Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking.”

―Steve Jobs