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Contact Me

Drop me a line and I will be in touch as soon as possible.

Please use any option below if you would like to talk to me regarding business inquiries or any questions you may have.

gabbysales1395 [at]

Drop me an email and I will reach out real quick.

You can also contact me on social media!

LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook Page

Why You Should Hire Me

I want to help you create your projects! I am passionate about bringing out the best and most convenient work for people who have goals and dreams like myself. My role is to listen and visualize, research, brainstorm, explore possibilities, deliver to your needs, design, and present the results to an audience that is inspired by our work together.

Here are some things involved in marketing that I use for projects:

  • • Create SEO-friendly articles to help with content marketing
  • • Oversee and run editorial efforts for your business
  • • Create and/or optimize your website, customize the theme or color coordinate, design the layout, or create a visual plan for your website using acquired skills such as coding and UX design
  • • Create important marketing materials that are necessary for your company’s website and to help sell your brand
  • • Strategize business techniques for social media marketing: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.
  • • Copywrite pages, content for your website, or other business needs
  • • Create press releases or emails and pitch you to the media (such as online publication sites that include featuring the brand in an article, blogs, possible collaborations with a brand, etc.)
  • • Research and use data to analyze your audience and figure out the next step
  • • The possibilities are endless since I’m pretty flexible. Just ask.