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Paid Social Ads

Let’s face it. Creating ads is probably the easier part of social media advertising. Keeping up with what you’re getting in terms of return-on-investment is the harder part. I get it. It took time and a lot of studying, but I mastered how you can effectively see sales and make sure that the money is not burning away and how you can target the right audience that suits your business.

I’ve learned the ins-and-outs of effective advertising. I know there are many different routes you can go with the platform. I’ve helped numerous clients (in ALL different verticals: auto, e-commerce, real estate, education, and more). I’ve driven revenue simply from helping clients in finding solutions and strategies that align with their goals.

​Facebook advertising is simply one of the best ways to advertise. I mean, it is just so cool that you can target anyone from a platform made of 2.7 billion monthly active users on Facebook! Facebook’s algorithm is smart, but doing it right takes work.

Paid social advertising will take your business far.

I am offering consultations and work if you are looking to take a plunge in getting your ads done right. 

My services include…

  • Research on audience segmentations, dream customer profile, competitors
  • Pre-planned out media plan or briefs with best platforms/placements and ad strategies
  • Suggestions to optimize landing pages, creatives, ad strategies
  • Bi-weekly or monthly metric report meetings
  • Create and provide creatives AND uniquely crafted copy for your ads
  • Specialized targeting accordingly to your company’s target audience
  • Technical installations of Pixel and other extensions to help with data
  • Long-term work with me to help you achieve gain in traffic, leads, or sales

Case Studies from Previous Clients

*I have not disclosed what the name of the company is in respect of their advertising privacy.

A coaching program company: I helped this company up their revenue from FB ads by 887%  by re-working their audiences from re-targeting users in engagements, creating pixel standard events, and educating the founder who is also its marketer on not making significant edits through campaigns.

An e-commerce: We fixed up some of their campaigns that had cost-per-results of $164.20 and $130.39 to get $15.76 and $12.23 cost-per-results and a traffic for $0.68 when it was close to over a dollar. I also suggested we’d re-target Thruplays as additional audiences when client previously kept running Thruplay video ads. ​

A beauty e-commerce company that sells beauty tools: I helped this company up their revenue from FB ads by 86023.8% by creating new audiences based on retargeting website views, optimizing for the right ad objective like traffic ads, and creating audiences off lookalikes and pixel standard events.

A company that sells keto products: I helped their revenue by 224.4% by educating advertiser about CBO, lowest bid strategies, testing out creatives, and suggesting testing out for a 1 day click conversion window (adding 94% in rev.).

A company that sells vegan bean chips: I helped their revenue by 19.5% by advising marketer to create custom audiences based on pixel standard events, boost her lookalike audiences to value-based lookalikes, create lookalike audiences in combination of a top performing audience of theirs.

An adoption agency: I helped the revenue of it by 132% by consulting her to test out new creatives such as slideshows, going for the right CTA, lookalike audiences, and using CBO.

A company that makes various mobile app games: Helped their revenue by 89.4% by advising advertiser to expand on their audience (they were only targeting males) but advertiser created campaigns on separating males and females for their app game. It has reached 13,300+ mobile app installs (with 3,835 app installs in just 7 days since strategizing) and stayed at a very low cost per result at 0.23 cents! 

A company with African-American movies to watch on their mobile app: Helped them get more app downloads and video watches by advising advertiser to do a video views campaign with one of their audiences that proved to bring success and leads. The video views campaign reached 11,000+ thruplays with a very low CPR (cost per result) at $.2 that can be used to re-target later.

A company that sells various home, accessory, and functional products to help people find smart solutions to everyday problems:
Helped them gain more purchases on one of their new products (it’s a children’s nightlight) by advising them to change the GIF creatives to state what the product is with the brand name compared to when it had no text on it and not generating much sales. With another product of theirs (a can opener), I suggested to renew their creatives using a GIF as their other ads had it like that and it helped boost sales (at least 200 sales since changing the approach but profited $8000 in total a week later) and became successful with a ranking of above average and maintain a decent CPR ($34.91 average vs. $77.26)

An e-commerce that sells unique surfing products: Suggested to do 15-second mobile-optimized sized videos for re-targeting and it did significantly well with more conversion sales.

An e-commerce that sells upscale children’s apparel: I strategized with the marketer to narrow down the age group of 22-64 years and to turn off detail targeting expansion to help narrow it. It received 141 purchases with an average CPR of $15.96 within 2 weeks. For fixing up the re-marketing campaign, I suggested to expand on the add-to-cart days to 28 days and to start using automatic placements and that got them 178 purchases with a CPR of $13.31 for 2 weeks.