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Here’s an overview of some of the work displayed on my site.

Paid Social Media
I brainstorm strategies, research audiences, manage budgets, optimize campaigns, implement campaigns, and create reports. (With useful insights!)
Content Marketing
I write, research keywords, optimize blog posts, create emails, write lead magnets, and write copy for social media posts.
Content Creation
Data-driven content designed for social media posts, paid social ads, blog images, videos, and website content that incorporate storytelling

All Things Marketing

Social media and all aspects of (digital) marketing are great tools to spread a message and bring people to a call-of-action. It’s a way to connect with those who believe they can be matched up to a product or service that is being offered.​Helping organizations get out of the press to build credibility is important. It is about building and having ongoing relationships with influencers that you are able convince to that the services and products of a business are worthy of anyone’s time. Public Relations (PR) considers a lot of factors (your key public and their interests, understanding messages and context of things, your industry) to make this type of work valuable for any business.

All Things Design

Certain creatives say a lot about their branding and the way they portray their messaging. Being able to help with a business’s website is a huge thing. It’s the number one thing that people will look at if they want to look more into a business’s services. It’s also a way to provide further information and it is considered one of the best marketing essentials to have.

All Things Writing

Blogging, to me, is considered a good experience to exercise a combo of creative writing, marketing, and to provide essential information. Content/copywriting gives me the edge to try to market a product or service.